Global Access Capital is an independent global operating partner,
strategic advisor and private direct investor


Accessing today’s domestic and global opportunities, while managing the attendant risks, in an environment characterized by intensifying competition and disruptive challenges, often in real time, can prove challenging for even for the most savvy and innovative organizations.

As an operating partner and strategic advisor, we work with our companies and clients to develop practical strategies and solutions for realizing their aspirations with greater certainty and less financial and execution risk through our integrated global approach.

As an independent global private direct investor, we currently hold investments in North America, Asia, Europe and Middle-East. We seek to create substantial incremental returns in the way that such returns are often created in the first place, by taking ownership positions in growing businesses that have significant opportunities in their markets or industries, possess transformative or unique technologies and brands, and are typically led by experienced management.



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We provide innovative, growing companies with practical solutions and global strategies. Sophisticated private and institutional investors benefit from access to often proprietary, off-market transactions and investments.
— Michael Macaluso

The Global Access team has completed billions of dollars in transactions and assignments in cross-border and in-country project execution and deal making in many parts of the world, particularly in the U.S., Greater China, Asia-Pacific, Middle East, and Europe.

Operating on four continents, we leverage long-standing relationships at the highest levels of public and private sectors on behalf of our clients to deliver unprecedented access and efficiency to our deals.

Opportunities around the globe – but particularly in Asia and the Middle East – are incredible, especially with the Global Access approach to business transactions and long-term results.
— Michael Macaluso