“There is a vast, underserved segment of the market looking for unique, direct investment opportunities, high-quality, off-market deals, and solutions to complex challenges.”


  • Global Access Capital is a fast-growing independent global direct investment, alternative asset management and advisory services firm that provides innovative growth companies with practical solutions and strategies globally, and provides sophisticated private and institutional investors with access to often proprietary, off-market transactions and investments.

  • Direct Investments for Meaningful Wealth Creation:  We capitalize on the growing demand among private investors, family offices and institutional investors for attractive, risk-adjusted returns and more direct participation in their investments by combining our global advisory services, private equity platform and direct investment approach into a single powerful “Integrated Global Platform”. Our Integrated Global Platform provides us the opportunity to realize value creation through focused, differentiated, private investments across the capital structure and, on an asset-by-asset basis, the flexibility to act quickly with the ability to take a longer-term outlook.


  • Portfolio Characteristics: We create substantial incremental returns in the way that such returns are often created in the first place: by taking ownership positions in growing businesses that have significant opportunities in their markets or industries, possess transformative or unique technologies and brands, and are typically led by experienced management.

  • Portfolio Composition: The result of our approach has been an expanding portfolio of directly-held, private investments in established and growth stage companies, which include leading domestic and international brands, companies and technologies. Additionally, we directly operate a number of our portfolio companies on a standalone basis, through joint ventures and/or licensing arrangements.

Integrated Global Platform


Private Equity

  • Direct and Indirect Global Investments

  • Companies & Projects

  • Due Diligence

  • Registered Investment Advisor (in-process)

Principal Activities

  • Principal Investments

  • Design and build-out of unique business opportunities

  • Own, operate, and/or manage

  • Direct Capital Sourcing

  • Significant ownership stakes

Advisory Services

  • Global Deal Sourcing

  • Valuation

  • M&A Advisory

  • Corporate Structure & Governance

  • Market Entry, Growth and Operating Strategy

  • Strategic Partnerships

  • Capital Financing Strategy

  • Capital Markets Readiness

  • Global Relationships/Network

Global Access Penetrates and Guides the Deal Cycle: A More Thorough Approach to Transacting Business Internationally

  • Delivered on often large, complex transactions in the U.S. and internationally, navigating through a complicated landscape characterized by rapid change, regulatory and competitive challenges and continuous innovation.

  • Hands-on approach that bridges cultural, geographic, language and logistical divides.

  • Expertise in a multiple sectors including healthcare/biotech/genetics, agricultural technology, sports and entertainment, global real estate and financial services.

  • First rate, deeply experienced management team with more than a century of combined experience and multidisciplinary skills in investments, private equity, strategy, legal, regulatory, compliance, operations and finance across the full lifecycle of a company, project or transaction.

  • Global experience across four continents coupled with decades’ long relationships at the highest levels of the public and private sectors to deliver unprecedented access and efficiency to our companies.

  • Execution of many billions of dollars of transactions and assignments in cross-border, in-country deal making in many parts of the world, particularly in the U.S., Greater China, Asia-Pacific, parts of the Middle East, and Europe.