“There is a vast, underserved segment of the market looking for unique, direct investment opportunities, high-quality, off-market deals, and solutions to complex challenges.”


  • Global Access Capital is an independent global operating partner, strategic advisor and private direct investor.

  • Direct Investments for Meaningful Wealth Creation:  We seek attractive, risk-adjusted returns and direct participation in our companies and investments.


  • Portfolio Characteristics: We create substantial incremental returns in the way that such returns are often created in the first place: by taking ownership positions in growing businesses that have significant opportunities in their markets or industries, possess transformative or unique technologies and brands, and are typically led by experienced management.

  • Portfolio Composition: The result of our approach has been an expanding portfolio of directly-held, private investments in established and growth stage companies, which include leading domestic and international brands, companies and technologies. Additionally, we directly operate a number of our portfolio companies on a standalone basis, through joint ventures and/or licensing arrangements.

Integrated Global Platform


Private Equity

  • Direct and Indirect Global Investments

  • Companies & Projects

  • Due Diligence

  • Registered Investment Advisor (in-process)

Principal Activities

  • Principal Investments

  • Design and build-out of unique business opportunities

  • Own, operate, and/or manage

  • Direct Capital Sourcing

  • Significant ownership stakes

Advisory Services

  • Global Deal Sourcing

  • Valuation

  • M&A Advisory

  • Corporate Structure & Governance

  • Market Entry, Growth and Operating Strategy

  • Strategic Partnerships

  • Capital Financing Strategy

  • Capital Markets Readiness

  • Global Relationships/Network

Global Access Penetrates and Guides the Deal Cycle: A More Thorough Approach to Transacting Business Internationally

  • Delivered on often large, complex transactions in the U.S. and internationally, navigating through a complicated landscape characterized by rapid change, regulatory and competitive challenges and continuous innovation.

  • Hands-on approach that bridges cultural, geographic, language and logistical divides.

  • Expertise in a multiple sectors including healthcare/biotech/genetics, agricultural technology, sports and entertainment, global real estate and financial services.

  • First rate, deeply experienced management team with more than a century of combined experience and multidisciplinary skills in investments, private equity, strategy, legal, regulatory, compliance, operations and finance across the full lifecycle of a company, project or transaction.

  • Global experience across four continents coupled with decades’ long relationships at the highest levels of the public and private sectors to deliver unprecedented access and efficiency to our companies.

  • Execution of many billions of dollars of transactions and assignments in cross-border, in-country deal making in many parts of the world, particularly in the U.S., Greater China, Asia-Pacific, parts of the Middle East, and Europe.