Here's just a small sampling of the work the Global Access team has completed to help companies achieve their goals over the years:


Country/Market Entry; Growth Strategy; Strategic Partnerships

  • Established China market entry plan for a leading U.S. builder of manufacturing and other plants, including the development of the company’s corporate strategy, compliance model, business location and other strategies. This multibillion-dollar project included identification and development of on-the-ground relationships with strategic and joint venture partners for and on behalf of the client.
  • Advised social impact private equity fund in structuring its investments and strategy for investments in China, Indonesia and Vietnam and assessed its infrastructure for making investments in Asia generally.
  • Engaged to identify global strategic partner and investor (~US$100 million in investment) for client in the aviation business; also assisted the company relative to its China expansion.
  • In Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah, arranged joint ventures between local and international architectural firms necessary for participation in large building and infrastructure projects.
  • Developed a growth strategy to scale a multibillion-dollar information service provider’s acquisition of a leader in state and local sales and use tax (SALT) outsourcing.
  • Managed pre-listing process for growth companies in Asia through private equity rounds including, in some cases, a restructuring of the company.
  • Engaged to develop expansion plan for a leading U.S. entertainment production company for their operations in China and in Asia generally, including the development of the company’s corporate strategy, compliance framework and execution model. Project included developing on-the-ground relationships with strategic and joint venture partners and funding sources.
  • Engaged by health care services client to assist in pre-IPO expansion strategy and to assist with their growth strategy in Asia and Middle East.

capital markets

  • Provided advice to European banking groups in connection with €15 billion+ restructuring of financial institution obligations.
  • Acted as advisor to private equity funds and investors making investments in Asia, including in or through Greater China and Southeast Asia, Singapore and Hong Kong, among others principally from U.S. and the Middle East, in some cases in multiple directions.
  • Assisted a number of asset-backed conduit sponsors in more than 60 transactions across dozens of asset classes and structures. Individual transactions ranged from US$50 million to US$11 billion.
  • Served as lead advisor to Visa and MasterCard credit card issuers in public and asset-backed transactions exceeding US$3 billion and to private-label credit card issuers in private and public asset-backed facilities exceeding US$7 billion.

Corporate Finance and investment funds

  • Structured and executed transactions to acquire, finance, leverage and monetize assets through IPOs, APOs, M&A transactions, sales of assets and capital markets transactions.
  • Performed pre-IPO and/or pre-PE investment due diligence and managed pre-exit/investment strategy relative to companies in various sectors in China, including pharmaceutical companies, retailers, robotics, printing and food and beverage companies.
  • Designed corporate structure and assisted client with financial, corporate and governance matters for IPO to occur on a Stock Exchange outside of its home country.
  • Assisted a leading medical research institution and related entities in connection with their efforts to commercialize intellectual properties including assistance with capital procurement.
  • Advised on infrastructure and cultural assets projects in the Middle East involving investors and sponsors primarily from Europe and U.S.
  • Acted as chief strategist in the restructuring of several portfolio companies of a fund in the health care, life science, IP and tech sectors, commercializing medical-related advances.
  • Designed and implemented a private equity investment manager, its various funds and compliance, governance and other matters including its investments in portfolio companies
  • Advised multinational investment bank in its US$950 million acquisition of the financial business of a major retailer, including its related credit and banking operations.
  • Designed and implemented funds focused on non-correlated, alternative, and other special assets.

M&A and operations consulting

  • Established and executed a $50 million legal entity change and re-branding separation program for a global bank divesting its U.S. subsidiary through an IPO.
  • Performed commercial due diligence and conducted the acquisition strategy on behalf of global leaders in the news, business, and legal information services; telecom, media, and digital video markets.
  • Ran the post-merger integration (planning through execution) of the IT functions of the North American market leaders in U.S. trade clearance and settlements.
  • Restructured the operations of a contract services business of a global manufacturer that turned a 10% annual loss into an operating profit of 5% and expanded servicing capacity for growth.
  • Provided contract supervision and consultancy services for a health care center in U.A.E.